Why it is more important to have fun in doing research than just publishing papers ?(or, there is more to research than publishing papers !)


Now that the most, if not all, of the PhD students keep talking and worrying about publication number and impact factor, I think the rot has begun to set in. The students may be enjoying less and worrying more.

In discussions with students also, I see the anxiety to publish. The students are afraid about future. I recently asked a student whether he thinks that he can do outstanding work that can have an impact,  and whether he thinks about such projects. His straight forward answer was “No Sir, we do not have such dreams. We think a lot about jobs.”

I am trying to paraphrase the famous saying by PAM Dirac “It is more important to have beauty in one’s equation than to fit experimental data”. My apologies to experimentalists but theoreticians should not be slaves to experiments. The same otherwise.

The main thing is to have some fun…

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Reaction Intermediates

Now that we know about various electronic effects, let’s learn the Intermediates found in organic chemistry reactions.

For this we must understand the difference between reaction intermediate and transition state.

Courtesy: “CEC-UGC”

And learn about intermediates in organic reactions:

  1. Carbocations
  2. Carbanions
  3. Free Radicals
  4. Carbenes

Courtesy: “CEC-UGC”

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Here we would know about the various effects due to the bonded pairs in organic molecules.
Types of electronic effects we would deal with are:

  1. Inductive
  2. Electromeric
  3. Mesomeric (or Resonance)


Courtesy: “CEC-UGC”

  • More Examples of Resonance
  • Hyperconjugative effects

Various types of reactions in organic chemistry are also introduced here:


Courtesy: “CEC-UGC”

Amino acids, peptides and proteins: Learning 1

Amino acids: Structure and classification, stereochemistry and their acid base behaviour

Courtesy: “CEC-UGC”

The slides explained in the video are given below:



Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Insulin_1AI0_animation.gif






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